Hospital waiting for promised K10 million

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THE Wewak General Hospital in East Sepik is yet to receive a K10 million funding promised recently by the Government, according to chief executive officer Mark Mauludu.
During a visit to Yangoru-Saussia district two months ago, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced the funding for the hospital.
Mauludu said the hospital was wondering whether the money would be released before accounts closed in December.
“A dummy cheque was presented to us. The real money has not come in and we would like to see that this money is released to the board before the accounts close for 2016 so that work on the construction of the new wards and other clinical buildings can continue,” he said.
Mauludu said once current work on the four wards is completed, the hospital would like to continue rehabilitation work on the other wards.
“Once we complete that by December, we hope to move onto other wards like paediatric.”
Mauludu noted that funding could also be used to build staff housing.
“Main thing is we want to see that this money does come, so we cannot only look at the wards but also start looking at putting up some housing for our staff as well.
“The board has made a decision to split the funding – K5 million to clinical buildings and K5 million for staff housing, and see how far we go for additional funding.
“Housing for workers has now become critical.
“At the moment, the hospital does not have staff houses. The hospital compound was demolished in 2010. Hospital workers are now living all over the town, in squatter settlements and all that.”

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