Housing allocated to police on merits


National Capital District and Central police commander says police have set requirements for officers to qualify for housing.
“Allocation of police housing will be done strictly on required documents like legal marital documents, rank of officers and their number of years of service,” he said.
Concerns have been raised by police officers and their families at the Gordon Police Barracks that many of them had launched their housing applications more than 10 years ago but nothing happened.
“Many of us have been living in these single quarters for donkey’s of years and have waited for the (police) department to approve our housing applications,” Constable Richard Koipa said.
Kalaut said housing was currently the biggest issue in the Police Department, but he would take it up to the management and try to find appropriate measures to deal with it.
“Currently, the Police Department is looking at the issue internally to have it addressed,” he said.
Kalaut said new police houses were being  built at Bomana and in some other parts of the city.
“There are still outstanding payments that are needed to be sorted out with the constructors,” he said.
Kalaut said that was something they would have to confirm before notifying people to relocate the officers.
“Once these things are sorted out, we will sit down and identify from the housing applications the ones that are entitled to be given a house,” he said.

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