Housing estate must provide design: Mokono


WATER supply can be set up at Durand Farm Housing Estate outside Port Moresby as long as a detailed building plan is in place, says Eda Ranu chief executive officer Henry Mokono.
Mokono, who is also chairman of National Housing Corporation which is building the estate, said that yesterday when giving an update of water connections there.
Eda Ranu general manager-technical Lot Gedisa-Zauya explained the technicalities required before water could be hooked up there.
Mokono said he only became NHC chairman on an interim basis recently.
“We need designs,” he said.
“We can’t just run in there and pull a pipeline.
“We’ve got to know the size of the pipe, internal reticulation, do we need to put in some more water pumps? We are willing to go on board but we have not yet seen the complete design of the whole thing.”
Gedisa-Zauya said it was not just a matter of going in and bringing water.
“You have to do proper surveys, the road has to go in before the water goes in,” he said.
“Durand Farm is a good example.
“We are still waiting for the survey to be done, the road has to be designed. “They give us the drawings and we put the water at the level of the road.
“We also need to know where the allotments are so we are putting water straight to the people.
“National Housing Corporation would have engaged engineers to do the surveys and design, and they have to provide those designs for us to put in water and sewerage.
“We have not seen the design.”

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