Huawei releases latest smartphones


HUAWEI has introduced to the Papua New Guinea market its latest flagship smartphones – the P10 and P10-plus.
The firm entered the Papua New Guinea in 2012 and had grown to be a key partner of government in rolling out services.
Huawei started bringing smartphones into the Papua New Guinea market in 2012 through the partnership it had forged with Digicel.
Huawei PNG director for Consumer Business Michael Townsley said: “Huawei mobile business in 2016 achieved outstanding performance. Year on year, the sales increase 42 per cent on the previous year, 2015. We shipped 139 million units in 2015 globally.”
Huawei Consumer Business Group predicts sales revenue of 178 billion RMB (Chinese yuan), 42 per cent up from a year ago, achieving steady growth for the fifth consecutive year.
Congratulating Huawei on the launch, Digicel Pacific regional chief executive Oliver Coughlan said when customers had top-class phones, they also needed a top-class network.
“We have a plan to transform to a Huawei network,” Coughlan said.
He said Papua New Guinea would benefit from a direct investment of US$50 million (K156 million) in the next 14 months as Digicel continued to upgrade its transmission network in the country.
“We are going to improve our network throughout the country,” Coughlan said.
“We are adding more 3G and 4G base stations across the country in partnership with Huawei and that has started. We made the first call on the network and we will start swapping sites early October and keep going until we finish. So it’s a big investment for us, big opportunity for Papua New Guinea as our network becomes 4G and more smarter and latest technology for customers and foreign direct investment for Papua New Guinea, work has started already.”

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