Hunters join RSPCA to stop cruelty to animals


THE Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has teamed up with the PNG Hunters to relay the message about the good care of animals.
The national team players joined the RSPCA in the photo shoot for its 2018 calendar. The shots feature the players and the animals.
RSPCA general manager Hellen White thanked the players and said the proceeds of the event would fund the education and training of staff to understand better the behavior of different animals.
The Hunters donated an autographed team jersey to the RSPCA to support of the animal welfare organisation.
Hunters captain Ase Boas said animals must be treated like people because they were part of our lives.
“Pets like dogs and cats are important to our lives every day and we must appreciate their existence,” he said.
“Dogs provide security at night to guard our house while we sleep comfortably in our beds. Cats keep the rats away from our house.”

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