ICCC conducts information campaign


THE World Consumer Rights Day was celebrated yesterday with a public information campaign conducted by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission at the Vision City Mega Mall in Port Moresby.
ICCC Special Projects officer Jacqueline Waffi told The National that there was a positive response from the public to the information provided at the stalls.
“The annual World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated by more than 200 countries.
“We are disseminating information to do with the theme for the day – Building a digital world consumers can trust,” she said.
“At the same time, we invited NICTA to come as the theme ties in with their function and operations.
“They are responding to public queries on the digital aspects of being a consumer in the digital economy.
“The event also provided an opportunity for education and awareness on ICCC for the public. We were really amazed at the response we got – on what we do and their rights as consumers.”
“The public response was just overwhelming.
The questions and the discussions were from people on a range of issues. We had a group of taxi drivers come in and some businesses enquiring about pricing to competition and other issues.
“There is a great demand for consumer rights information and next year this day will be celebrated bigger and better for sure.”

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