ICCC hosts workshop


THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission held a workshop on the Safety and Technical Management Plan for electricity services with industry participants last Friday.
The purpose was to guide the ICCC Regulated Industries Division reviewing the existing plan.
Workshop moderator and ARUP associate principal economics David Dawson said there was need for information to be accessible to the public and industry stakeholders for accountability on operations in the electricity industry.
“It would be good to have some of this information on network performance and generation performance in the public domain because if it is in the public domain, it puts pressure on doing the right thing within the industry,” Dawson said.
He said in Australia, the problem was not generation because if a generator went down, the system operator could always find another generator.
“In PNG the generation side is not as good as it could be. The networks are not strong enough and reliable enough to actually get the electricity from the generators to the loads that are connected to the grid.”

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