Improving police living conditions vital, says GG


Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae says it is imperative that police living conditions are improved and services of retired police personnel are recognised.
He said this during the visit by Police Minister Jelta Wong to Government House yesterday, the first such visit by a minister since the formation of Government last month.
Sir Bob said police personnel played an important role in ensuring the safety and security of the public and international visitors.
Wong said one of his priorities was to address living conditions of both serving the personnel and retirees.
He said the Royal PNG Constabulary Legacy is one such means to address this issue.
“The Royal PNG Constabulary Legacy will be hosting a fundraising dinner in November and this is one avenue by which we would like to address this issue,” Wong said.
“Instead of waiting on the Government to pay out our servicemen, the funds raised will go directly towards assisting policemen and women.
“For retired servicemen, we are looking at initiatives such as purchasing a piece of land where they can settle after retirement.”
Sir Bob welcomed the initiative and commended Wong for making this a priority.
“It is good to see that you have made this your priority,” he said.

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