Independents told to remember those who voted for them


Independent candidates who have recently been declared as MPs must not bow down to sweet talk by those who are forming camps, Northern Governor Gary Juffa, pictured, says.
Juffa urged the members-elect to remember the people who voted them instead of following others around.
“Being elected doesn’t make you a leader, it’s what you do in Parliament, how you stand and represent your people for what is just and right; that’s what makes you a leader.
“To go against the general conscious in Parliament because you know that it’s wrong, it is not fair, it is illegal, that it is criminal and unjust and to stand up against that,” Juffa said
He said a lot of independent candidates were already abandoning the platforms they stood on when they were campaigning.
“You were not elected to get into Parliament to follow other leaders or other MPs, you were elected to get into Parliament to pass legislation that is going to protect and promote the interest of this country,” Juffa told the winning independent candidates.
Juffa said PNG needed investors who respected the laws of the country and the culture and the people.
“We don’t want transnational criminals who are going to come and set up shop in here and do what they want as they please, and be given knighthoods and citizenships,” he said.
“I’m very proud of what the Oro people have done.
“They have demonstrated at the polls that they reject People’s National Congress.
“We have a three-man team, my two open members and I have pledged to work together for the people of Oro.
“I have all the reasons to remain in Northern and continue the good work of rebuilding my province.”

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