Indonesia keen to improve trade links


INDONESIA stands ready to partner with PNG on matters of mutual economic benefit despite a drop in bilateral trade between the two countries in recent years, an official says.
Indonesian Embassy counsellor to PNG  Johannes Made said trade had decreased by 10 per cent but this was expected to rise this year.
“Last year’s bilateral trade value was only US$179 million (K537 million) – a 10 per cent drop due to the global economic crisis,” Made said.
“In 2012, the bilateral trade value reached US$ 256 million (K768 million) which made Indonesia one of the PNG’s major trade partners.
“Nevertheless, considering the promising growth of Indonesia’s economy which is expected to reach 5.2 per cent in 2017, and the realisation of Apec projects in Papua New Guinea in 2018, (this) hopefully would shore up again trade relations between the two countries.”
Made said the upcoming Indonesia Trade Expo (TEI) was one of the initiatives to enhance PNG-Indo trade.
“There will be over 1000 exhibitors at the TEI 2017 and 16,000 visitors are expected. The target is slightly higher than last year,” he said.
“The confirmation of participation is expected to be received on Sept 25 2017.”

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