Inmates to be used to clean ENB markets

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The East New Britain Market Authority and  Correctional Services at Kerevat have agreed to utilise low-risk inmates to clean up the main markets under the authority.
Market authority manager Herman Valvalu and acting CS commander Michael Joseph signed the agreement last week, covering an arrangement to have the market cleaned by inmates.
The market authority will look at ways to help with the clean-up, which is now part of a programme funded by the provincial government to engage inmates to clean up roadsides in the Gazelle Peninsula area.
Valvalu said the clean-up programme included  market facilities in Kokopo, Rabaul and Kerevat.
Four grass cutters and a lawn mower were presented to the Kerevat CS commander to be used by the inmates.
Joseph said they have seen how inmates could help in the community through community work.

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