Isikiel welcomes probe into NHC issues


HOUSING Minister Paul Isikiel has welcomed a Government investigation into the National Housing Corporation (NHC).
He has instructed the NHC management to assist the investigation announced by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the recent session of Parliament.
Isikiel said in a statement that the two issues of concern raised by O’Neill – the issuing of land titles and illegal eviction – would form the basis of the terms of reference.
“I will instruct my staff and management to cooperate with the investigations,” he said.
“The findings will be compiled and tabled in the November sitting in my ministerial statement.”
Isikiel said the terms of reference would be specific to the two issues raised by O’Neill.
O’Neill told Parliament last month he was concerned about the way in which the NHC was being run and managed.
He said this in response to questions from Usino-Bundi MP Anton Yagama on the need for housing by local people.
“I will immediately get our officials to conduct a thorough investigation into the conduct of the management of National Housing Corporation,” O’Neill said,
“I will present a full report on this matter in our next sitting of Parliament.”
O’Neill also said there was a moratorium on the sale of Government houses by the NHC.
“I will instruct that all sales by National Housing Corporation be stopped until I submit a report to this house in the November session of Parliament.”

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