Judge warns lawyers to be prepared before court

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The National, Monday 22nd of September, 2014

 A JUDGE has warned lawyers to properly study their cases before coming to court.

National Court judge Justice Panuel Mogish made the remark after a defence lawyer failed to provide submissions, thus delaying the case.

The lawyer said he had not properly briefed on the matter by a colleague handling the case previously.

Mogish brushed aside the excuse, stating that it was not reasonable. 

He told the lawyer to make it a priority to get proper instruction and information on the case before coming to court.

“Your reason is not good enough.  There must be connectivity between past and present counsels so that cases are not adjourned,” Mogish said.

He said one of the basic elements in handling a case was to know the defendant and the nature of the case properly, which the lawyer failed miserably to do.

Mogish suggested that there should be a workshop conducted for lawyers to avoid such problems in future.


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