Juffa calls for a focus on policies in first 100 days of Parliament


NORTHERN Governor Gary Juffa says the most important thing in the first 100 days of Parliament is for MPs to focus on policies.
Juffa said there should be a diagnostic review of the state of the nation.  “Health for instance: how do we review this and how do we come up with the solutions? We have to look at the whole range of laws that need to be reviewed,” Jufa said.
He said the provincial government laws were so centralised and dependent on the government.
“They are dependent on the government,” Juffa said.
“They can’t do anything to raise their own revenue and basically function.
“Then you have to look at the taxation policy – it is not Papua New Guinea-friendly. It’s not even investor-friendly.
“So it encourages people to avoid paying tax.”
He said other issues included the benefits for public servants and modernising the public service machinery.

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