Juffa wants report on public service tabled


NORTHERN Governor Gary Juffa has called for the report on the review of the public service to be tabled in Parliament.
Juffa, on Friday, urged everyone to work together in reforming and rebuilding the public service machinery.
“We recommended some radical changes which is the reason why this report has never made it to Parliament in the last four years. But I’m confident it will this time,” he said.
“We need to look at the conditions and benefits for public servants. We got to pay our public servants what they are worth. Let’s do away with the Public Service Management Act. Everyone should be on contract and renumerated accordingly.
“Private sector pays far well than the public servants so they get the best brains while we have the leftovers.”
Juffa, a member of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service Reform and Service Delivery, said the committee was to review the current public service machinery.
He said the review was approved by the Leader of Government Business and Finance Minister James Marape and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Juffa commended the Government for appointing Pomio MP and Minister for Public Service Elias Kapavore as the chairman of the committee.
“We are willing to assist him modernise the machinery. If we demand the best of public servants, we must also look at their benefits,” Juffa said.
“We can come up with all the medium-term development plans and ideas but they will amount to nothing if the public service machinery is not fixed.
“We must put standards in place that reflect how much we respect ourselves and our people.”

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