K100,000 set aside to aid relocation of settlers in Lae


THE Morobe administration is aware of the plight of the displaced Sialum Compound settlers in Lae and has set aside some funds to have them relocated, acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou says.
Harou told The National yesterday that the administration had budgeted K100,000 to assist the settlers.
“The provincial government has no money so we have allocated K100,000 for the exercise,” Harou said.
“These are mobilisation funds and we will provide some more assistance, depending on how things work out on our assessment.
“I visited them at the end of July.
“They have agreed to return to their old settlement.
“The number of displaced people I have is 43.
“I do not know where the 200 came from so I will have to reconfirm that.”
Harou said the administration would not be building houses for the settlers.
“We do not have the money to rebuild their houses. We can only assist them restart their lives.”
The administration will also work with police to ensure that the people are resettled by the end of this month.

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