Kabwum prayers now answered


THE prayers of the innocent Kabwum people and other Morobeans at Boundary Road have been answered. They did not ask for new leaders who will come into power and evict people from the highlands, they simply wanted a leader who can stand firm, make constructive decisions and serve the people in times of human disaster.
During the 2015 ethnic clash at Boundary Road, Lae, many homes belonging to Kabwum and Sialums were burnt down and the lives of many innocent Kabwums were affected.
Kelly Naru and Loujaya Kouza visited the people and Kouza made some promises to the victims. Naru, as governor, failed to solve the problem.
We need leaders who are transparent and accountable, leaders who serve people from their heart no matter to which electorate they belong.

Mangi Sawalan Wara
University of Technology

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