Kerowagi airstrip plan questioned


Your article on Kerowagi MP Bari Palma’s plan to reopen Kerowagi airstrip is appreciated.
However, certain issues need clarification.
First and foremost, you need National Airports Corpration (NAC) to invest in such a development.
The Simbu provincial government (SPG) has not been consulted.  Outback Aviation was funded by the SPG in a partnership arrangement, so Outback Aviation’s involvement with plans to reopen Kerowagi airstrip must be sanctioned by the SPG.
For reasons of economy, Kerowagi might not be suitable, while Kundiawa has already been upgraded by the NAC.  The people advising Palma about the airstrip are serving their own purposes and not those of the Kerowagi people.
Palma should let those people use their own money to develop the airstrip.
Outback Aviation must also return the aircraft bought by the SPG.

Michael Temai Bal , Via email

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