Kerowagi needs strong and vibrant leader


KEROWAGI district of Chimbu needs a strong and vibrant political leader, who must be of sound mind and neutral in tribalism or ethnicity. In the last 25 years, (1992 to current) from the portfolio of former MP, late John Kambe (two terms MP) to his current incumbent, Camillus Dangama (2012-2017), who went into the office after two succeed leaders, by former Defense Minister – Guma Wau (2007-2012), who succeed former Police minister – Alphonse W. Moroyagl (2002-2007), the roles of the politics at district level had been diverting into village level.
The District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) was not fully observed at the district level as the policy purports.
The district grant is not only for a particular tribe or LLG in a district, but it’s for the entire population of the district, as such Kerowagi district.
This is an ill-political practice and does not have a positive implication on DSIP at the national level.
It’s limiting the power and the responsibilities of the MP at district level into village level.
We want the leader to be acquainted in this attributes and not a self-fish leader like our former MPs.

 Simon T. Bolkun

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