Kua slams Abel’s 100-day plan to cut back on funds


SHADOW Minister for Democratic Institutions and the Rule of Law, Kerenga Kua, says the 100-day plan of Treasurer Charles Abel will kill off any prospect of economic recovery in electorates around the country.
Kua said in a statement yesterday that he was shocked to learn that the Treasurer’s “100-Day/25 Point Plan”, which was approved by the National Executive Council, called for the reduction of provincial services improvement programme and district services improvement programme grants by K886 million.
“The public has been made to believe that this was a cornerstone policy of the O’Neill Government but Abel has chosen without the benefit of any public discussion to virtually wipe out these initiatives in one foul stroke,” Kua said.
“It is highly disconcerting that huge amounts of public funds continue to be spent on extravagant projects in Port Moresby to the detriment of the rest of the nation.
“Due to the redirection of these constitutionally guaranteed funds many regional economies were badly neglected and under severe financial strain in the last five years.
“The total cancellation of the provincial services improvement programme  and district services improvement programme spells havoc for all our provincial economies for a further five years.”

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