Kuman calls on students to stop fighting

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EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman has urged students to stop fighting among themselves.
“I want to see a change,” Kuman, pictured, said.
“We must avoid as much as possible violence and social problems in and outside the institutions. We must look at student violence and attitudes.
“These are some of the challenges we have in our school system.
“There is no such thing as you are from Port Moresby National High School and I am from Sogeri.
“Maybe it is your uniform.
“But at the end of the day, you are a Papua New Guinean and you have to learn to live together.”
Kuman called on parents to shoulder their responsibilities and not to depend on the Government.
“There are lot more things that you as a parent got to do in that it must be a fair share of the Government investing in education, delivering the education to school and to our young people,” he said.
“We expect parents and stakeholders to participate in whatever you can do to enhance the education of our young people.”

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