Kuman urges teachers to prepare students to meet challenges


Teachers should ensure they prepare students to meet the challenges of this country, Education Minister Nick Kuman says
“There are challenges, particularly in the Education Department, a lot of students coming out from Grade 12 in the country – the demand for students coming out is to ensure that their performance academically is far more important,” Kuman said.
“Therefore, our school system, the curriculum we use and the teachers that we have, their job is to ensure that they produce and prepare students to meet the challenges in the tertiary institutions in the country.  “Given that the availability of spaces of the tertiary institution in the country, the demand on the students is really high because you’ve got to produce results to enter those.
“With the reform that we did three years ago on the standard-based education reintroduced into our school system, we will continue to work on that and make sure we give strength to our maths and science students so that it will enable us to make sure that we prepare our students well in going in to tertiary institution at the end of Grade 12.”
Kuman said in the next parliament sitting he would present an education plan to continue to address quality education.
“The department is now putting together plans on delivery of quality education to our school system.
“I will provide a detail statement during the parliament sitting when we are discussing the budget for 2018.”

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