Lae Biscuit backs black belt


THE Lae Biscuit Company has backed Papua New Guinea Kyokushi karate black belt holder Sailas Piskaut to attend an overseas grading.
The company assisted Piskaut and Karl Guria with K10,000 to attend the Kyokushin karate national training conference and black belt grading in Perth, Australia.
Piskaut will be fighting against 40 black belt opponents for his second dan while Guria will be fighting in the Kumite division.
“We thank Sir Ian for the kind gesture which has given us hope to represent the country at this level,” Piskaut said.
He said it was going to be a big challenge and both of them were prepared and looking forward to it.
“I have been loyal to world champion Sensei Walter Schnaubelt and patience has taken its course for me to fight for my black belt second dan,” Piskaut said.

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