Lands project to be audited with Aust govt assistance


The Land Enhancement and Application Project (LEAP) and the Lagis System of the Department of Lands and Physical Planning will be audited with assistance from the Australian
government, Minister Justin Tkatchenko says.
Tkatchenko told The National that the project, which was undertaken by an Australian company Technology 1, had the server
for the Lands Department in Australia.
“It causes us great issues; if the system breaks down. Then we have to fly these people from Australia to come here to help fix it.
“We have to address this problem properly and professionally and cost-effectively,” Tkatchenko said.
He explained that the system had not been operating in the last four years, affecting the billing system and all the data.
According to the State Solicitor the contract with Technology 1 has ceased and the department needed to renegotiate.
“Thanks to the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill I have had a meeting here at my office with the Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis and his technical staff.
“They are very interested in assisting and doing a complete audit of the technological computer system and information
technology and the lands registry office.
“They are willing to fund a professional out of Australia to do a complete audit of the lands information division, IT and the titles registry division,” Tkatchenko said.
He said the experts would be able to identify all the issues correctly and how to fix them sooner rather than later.
Tkatchenko said the Australian government would fund the audit and necessary staff to assist the department to get that back on line.
“I want to say a big thank you to the Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis for coming on board to assist me as minister
to resolve this outstanding and big issue.
“That is a savings for the Government in having professional and independent people coming into to do a true assessment on the problems that we have in the department.”
Tkatchenko said the experts would also want to train all the line officers and managers in the department, especially the titles division and the lands information division to get them up to date with all modern technology.

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