Launching of unity logo to mark anniversary celebrations


THE Bishop of the United Church in the New Britain region, Rev Natiel Pairuia, has announced that the official launching of the New Britain Region unity logo to signify the golden jubilee celebration of the church would be held on Sunday in Kokopo, East New Britain province.
The launch will take place at Kenabot United Church grounds and will mark the start of the 50 years celebrations (1968 -2018) of the United Church in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands since its inception on January, 19, 1968.
He said the unity logo would be the significant highlight to this religious event.
The birth of the United Church in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands 50 years ago brought together different missionaries like the London Missionary Society (LMS), Papua Ekelesia, the Methodist Church and the United Churches of Port Moresby and the Northern Territory of Australia.
October 1996 saw the inauguration of the United Church in Papua New Guinea and the United Church in the Solomon Islands as two separate new churches.
The golden jubilee celebrations will be a big occasion the church has ever experienced in a long time and will be a grand event to begin a new year.
It is also foreseen that this event  will not only be for the United Church faithfuls, but for the whole ecumenical body and Christians in the province.
These would include the surrounding provinces of New Ireland, West New Britain  and  the  Autonomous  Region  of  Bougainville  are  expected  to  attend the event.
Chairman of the church’s regional events committee, Rev Eron Diop also stated that the New Britain Region through its event committee will commemorate the golden jubilee celebrations in various events.
These include:

  • September and October 2017:  The congregations and circuits will erect monuments, they will participate in feasting, they will praticipate in the opening of houses, churches and health centres and they will end the event with traditional rituals;
  • Novermber and December 2017: The divisions will participate in choral festivals, crusades and shows or exhibitions;
  • January 2018: The region will participate and celebrate the 50th anniversary through a programme that will be soon be sanctioned and released by the regional events committee.

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