League players need to come clean on ages


IT is becoming obvious that most of the rugby league players are cheating their age.
Most of the players are around 27-36 years old and yet they are lying and saying they’re 22, 23,24 and 25 years old. Only a hand full of players are below 25 years old.
However, I read a newspaper article on Oct 14 and a rugby player said that his age was 23.
How can that person be a 23 years old while I am 29 years old and he was three years ahead of me when we were studying at the Unitech (University of Technology, Lae)?
It’s a big disgrace to lie in the media.
The coaching staff for PNG Kumuls, PNG Hunters and the Digicel Cup clubs should take note of the aging players and recruit young and energetic players between the age of 19-27 years old only.
Players whose age has gone pass 28 years old should not be considered for any representative football.
Aging is one off the contributing factors which is affecting the performance of the Kumuls, SP Hunters and the Digicel Cup competition.
Old and aging players are recruited that’s why they are not performing to the expectations.
Rugby football is all about strength, energy and right mindset together with competitive coaching staff.
Why am saying this because rugby world cup is coming up next year and I don’t want my team (Kumuls) to be a score board for other teams.
This is a challenge to the coaching staff for the upcoming rugby league world cup to reconstitute your selection criteria and select the best to represent our country.

Adkins Scott
Port Moresby

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