Leave the agencies in Goroka


Your article (Nov 28) told of Minister for Tourism, Arts, and Culture Tobias Kulang ordering the National Performing Arts Troupe (NPAT) and the National Film Institute (NFI) to relocate from Goroka to Port Moresby.
Who is advising the minister about such things or are these his own ridiculous ideas?
The minister should be proud that there are two cultural institutions located outside of Port Moresby.
With everything seemingly so focused on Port Moresby these days, isn’t it wonderful that at least two National Cultural Commission institutions are located elsewhere?
Or does nowhere else in the country matter anymore?
This move is supposedly to meet the ‘growing demand and market’ for such activities in the capital city.
Doesn’t the Government want people to visit other parts of the country?
These institutions do not exist simply to entertain visitors for Port Moresby-based events.
NPAT is currently located in probably the most distinctive building in all of the Highlands.
But it needs to be maintained, Mr Minister. And NFI documents the many cultures of this county on film and video.
Work like this is not done by any other institution in the country. Yet where are the funds to support these activities and provide them with a proper archive that they so desperately need?
Minister Kulang, if you want people to come to PNG you need to support cultural institutions.
Be aware that it is very unlikely that they will generate huge amounts of income for the country but isn’t it also important to maintain our cultural identity? If we don’t, who will?
And if you want tourists to come, you need to support the cultures that they are coming here to see.
If we lose the diversity of our cultures, we lose our identity.
Is that what you want, Mr Minister? I hope not.
Moving NPAT and NFI to Moresby will cost a tremendous amount of money and benefit absolutely no one.
Instead, strengthen these existing institutions and make sure that they get the support that they so desperately need.
The ministers who have preceded you have tended to ignore them.
Please don’t further contribute to their demise. Let them stay in Goroka and make them prosper.

Zebra Yava Nditing
Port Moresby

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