Leave schools out of election conflicts, people told


POLICE in Banz, Jiwaka, have warned supporters of losing candidates not to vent their frustrations by disturbing schools, public services, or intimidate and threaten anyone.
Station commander Senior Sergeant Tom Nicodemus
issued the warning after teachers from the Fatima secondary school, primary school  and vocational centre reported
that the main doors of their
office buildings were blocked on Monday night by a group
of frustrated local youths,
following the declaration of the winner of the Jiwaka regional seat.
Police Mobile Squad 5 members had to intervene and chase the youths and ordered the removal of the barriers.
Nicodemus said any more disturbance or threat issued to teachers, students or members of the mission station and its properties after this notice would be a police matter.
He said there were claims day students attending Fatima Secondary also received verbal abuse and threats.
The deputy principal of Fatima Secondary Schgool Simon Gising said the issue has been resolved and students were attending classes again.
He urged those students who have not returned to school out of fear to go back to school to start the fifth week of Term 3 on Monday.
He added that the 250 Grade 12 students would be sitting for their written expression examination on Monday.

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