Let’s search the word with our hearts


IN reference with Mr Dafo, I would try to clarify spirit fill believer that in order to understand the New Testament we must understand the root which is the Old Testament. Jesus teaches His disciples in John 5:46 to also believe what Moses wrote (First five book of Old Testament).
Understand that Old Testament teaches about God’s moral law Exodus 20:1- 17 (10 commandments) along with Moses’ law which he wrote (see Deut 31: 9, 26) and place it at the side of the ark of the covenant (ceremonial or Israelites’ customs which existed up before the cross) and New Testament teaches about Christ’s ministries.
Jesus does teaches His disciples / followers about His father’s commandments / status and at His instance.
He was also debated and rebelled for breaking Jew’s law of Moses because they do not believe in Him as the Son of God and still under Jew’s law including God’s.
Let’s just search the word with our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13).
And keep worshipping Him on Sabbaths as one of His ten commandments and not to defend our church doctrines.

Jerry Masse

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