LOs must be part of mine development


WATCHING the news and reading your account of the signing of the revised MOA for Tolukuma by the various parties in the local dailies just infuriates ordinary people like me.
This revision exercise should be done with the local people and not without them.
The Yulai Landowners Association Chairman has very valid points which were not considered and so he refused to sign.
Yet the MD for MRA boastfully toasts to the occasion and tells chairman Gusi in the face that whatever was discussed and signed for stays put whether others agree to it or not.
Who are you Mr Samar?
Do you and MRA own the resources and land of Tolukuma?
Have you ever gotten out of your comfort and paid visit to the rural people around the mine site and seen for yourself the needs of the people?
Have you sat with them to hear their side of the story?
Landowners must be part and parcel of the development of the mine – you cannot do a revision of an important process without their presence and then force upon them to swallow.
Remember this is Papua New Guinea.
What goes around comes around.

Nabulu Bab
Port Moresby

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