Lutheran leaders to discuss programmes


LUTHERAN Revival Church executives will gather at Sikemu village in Garaina, Morobe, to discuss issues and create plans for the advancement of the church in its evangelisation programmes to reach out to many areas in Papua New Guinea who are not yet converted.
Church spokeswoman Elizabeth Kogori confirmed the week-long church gathering and said churchleaders would come from all around the country to attend the week-long meeting.
“We have church leaders who will come from Markham, Lae, Siassi, Karkar Island, Madang, Port Moresby and Kainantu to attend the meeting at Sikemu village in Garaina,” Kogori said.
“They will all travel to Wau and board the Spirit of Bulolo aircraft to Garaina.
“The people of Sikemu have prepared in advance to welcome the spiritually appointed church delegation to their village.”
Church secretary Wilson Ubulea will lead a delegation to the meeting.

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