Lutherans must be wary of ‘new church’


A warning to all members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG, “New church to operate in PNG” (The National, Oct 11) raises controversy and sparks the difference between the truth and evil conceit perpetrated by a minority group hailing from Hube and Burum-Kuat LLG in Finschhafen.
The so-called New Guinea Independent Ministry is no joke anymore. It has already been recognised by the Government because our constitution had provisions for the freedom of worship.  They now believe in four-in-one – God, God Mari, Yesu Sadi, Holy Spirit and Fire Holy Spirit.
The hour of the darkness and anti-Christ has arrived at our doors.  I take courage on the word of God in Joel 2: 1-2 and write to warn the Christian truth believers of the Lutheran Church of PNG to be vary of such dooms day movement that does not have any basis of their religious beliefs but are leeching on the real truth of our Holy Bible.
Mari in Kuwe language in Hube LLG of Finschhafen refers to “snake”.
So as in the days of the Garden of Hidden, the snake refers to the serpent, the devil. Yesu and Holy Spirit are biblical persons and do not have any origin or connection in Mongi or Kuat areas in Finschhafen and their people.
We are entering the darkest hours of our Christian faith and the devil will tint and paint lies over the real Word of God. However, a lie will still be a lie.
If we do not believe and hold onto the Word of God, then such evil deceit may easily fool us.  Only the truth can set us free (John 8: 31 – 32).
As believers of the Trinity – God the Father is above us all, God the Son which is the Word is among us all and God the Holy Spirit is within us all (Ephesians 4:5 – 6). If someone says there is four-in-one God, then we should take heed of the warning from the Word of God in Jud 1: 3.
The enemy is already at our door where the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ was once being received and that is in Finschhafen.

Concerned Christian,

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