Male student allegedly shot by police in Southern Highlands


A GRADE seven male student was allegedly shot dead by police along the Kagua-Erave road in Southern Highlands last Friday.
This was the first of two killings last weekend by police with the second being at Walum Junction in Imbonggu on Sunday.
Relatives of the two killed are now calling on police to have those responsible arrested and face the full force of the law.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Western Command) Mark Yangen told The National that the deceased student, who attended Erave Primary School, was among a group of men who were patching potholes along the road and charging fees to passing vehicle.
He said two police vehicles returning to Kagua from Erave confronted the group of men at Waloa village in Erave.
Yangen said police told them to stop but this resulted in a commotion.
He said as the situation got worse, police fired shots to disperse the men, resulting in the student being allegedly killed.
Yangen said the body of the deceased was taken to Mendi hospital morgue last Saturday and then to Erave by Mendi police yesterday.
He said those involved in the killings would not walk away.
“I have already told relatives of the deceased at Walum Junction that there is only one law for everyone,” Yangen said.
“Those responsible for the killing will be dealt with by the law after full investigation is carried out by CID.”

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