Manaseh recognised as elected MP

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Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said he recognises the writ for Alfred Manaseh as the duly elected Kandep open MP as declared by returning officer Ben Basawe.
He said that in response to criticism of him by another candidate and incumbent Opposition Leader Don Polye, who called on him to allow the count of seven boxes after initially asking for the inclusion of 21 disputed boxes.
Manaseh polled 24,347 votes to finish ahead of Polye who scored 18,445, with the absolute majority being 21, 343.
“I wrote to the returning-officer Ben Basawe to include those 21 boxes and count,” Gamato said.
“However, the returning officer responded to my letter and advised that he can only admit 12 boxes and set aside the rest because they were properly disputed.
“The returning officer is my appointed delegate on the ground to supervise election polling and counting.
“I therefore will respect his decision and uphold it.”
Gamato said Polye also took the matter to court which refused to entertain his application.
“Counting has been conducted and declaration has been made by the returning officer, so I would like to urge Polye to respect the decision of the returning-officer,” he said.
“Polye has also claimed that I should not hide behind the Court of Dispute Returns in making my decisions.”

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