Mayor vows to work closely with MPs to bring development


LAE Mayor Koim Trilu Leahy, pictured, has pledged to work closely with governor Ginson Saonu and  MP John Rosso on the city’s development.
Leahy said that yesterday when congratulating Saonu on his election victory that will make him the Morobe governor when sworn in by the local authority.
Saonu, a Pangu Pati candidate, unseated Kelly Naru.
“He (Soanu) has contested many elections and has won in this election because he was the people’s choice,” Leahy said.
“I look forward to working with him and Lae MP (Rosso) to ensure Lae develops and people’s living standards are improved.
“The biggest challenges for Lae are its deteriorating roads, law and order problems, access to clean drinking water and electricity in the settlements.
“Lae also needs to redraw its electoral boundaries so that we expand the city and properly deliver services.
“Lae generates a lot of income for the country and province, so a collective effort is needed to ensure that these incomes translate into development in the city.”
Leahy said some land needed to be identified by authorities to settle working-class people who live along the Bumbu River because their houses were bound to be swept away when the river broke its banks in the wet season.
The mayor thanked Naru for his term in office and his support for the Lae City Council.
Leahy said under Naru’s
leadership, Lae saw a number of important development projects like the city concrete roads, West Taraka Road and Butibam Road sealing.

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