Mediators’ role important, says Sir Salamo

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SEVEN accredited mediators and 17 provisionally accredited mediators attained certificates after the conclusion of an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mediators’ programme in Port Moresby on Wednesday.
The certificates were presented to them by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia and Justice Jeffery Shepard.
“The role of mediators is played by very special people who perform duties that are very close to the performance of the judiciary,” Sir Salamo said.
“As mediators, you will enjoy the same privileges as judges and you are also bound by high standards of professional conduct.”
Sir Salamo said that since the establishment of the mediation programme in 2010, building the capacities to assist the programme’s operations have always been a pivotal objective.
“Building capacities in terms of the number of mediators, rules that we have, facilities, funding and so forth,” he said.
“Building the capacity that is to dispose of civil cases by mediation.
“Our target is also to ensure that 60 per cent of civil cases should be resolved by mediation.
“That is the global trend.”
Sir Salamo said that all accredited mediators were recognised under international standards.
“All mediators are accredited under the Australian Association Mediation standards,” he said.
“Mediators in PNG are internationally accredited mediators, they will be recognised anywhere in the world.”
Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Davis Steven said that statistics had proved that ADR had achieved so much since its establishment.
“A total of 595 cases have been registered since ADR’s inception,” he said.
“A total of 427 cases have been mediated, 227 out of that 427 cases have been settled directly through mediation.”
Steven  said the number of accredited mediators in PNG had increased since the establishment of ADR in the country.
“The number of mediators have now increased to 134 accredited mediators of international standards and certification, which is a great news for Papua New Guinea” he said.
Steven said that he was ready to work cooperatively with the judiciary and develop legislations to ensure that ADR was developed to match international standards.

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