Micah, members determined to win

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PEOPLE’S Progress Party leader Ben Micah has told his candidates to look at nothing less than winning in this year’s election.
“We are going to be the head (of government), not the tail,” Micah said.
He said if he was afraid, he would not have left the Government, as he did last year.
Micah said the world today was all about being smarter and encouraged his candidates to be that.
“The world today is about working smart than working hard,” he said.
“Technology has made things easier for people.
“Those people who are lagging behind are getting nowhere.
“Don’t think about money, don’t think about food, think about how you’re going to win the elections because you have to be smart in a smart government.”
Micah said a case in point about a smart country was Singapore which he compared to Papua New Guinea.
“We in this group are going to prove to the world that we are pro-active,” he said.
Micah said the 85 PPP candidates endorsed at the convention brought with them a wealth of experience from various backgrounds.
“We have a bishop, a couple of professors, engineers in all fields, lawyers, so many different kinds of people,” he said.
He said this when addressing candidates on the last day of the four-day PPP convention in Lae yesterday.
The convention started with meetings on Thursday, the major convention on Friday, fundraising dinner on Saturday and a prayer breakfast and forward planning yesterday.

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