Moresby South women’s league kicks off


THE Moresby South Rugby League women’s competition kicked off with an exciting start at the Sir Bill Skate Oval, Kaugere at the weekend.
It was a display of raw talents from Moresby South and the other two electorates in the National Capital District.
In the opening round matches on Sunday, Gabutu Dragons, under coach Bagelo Solien, handed a 24-nil thrashing to NTK Sisters, Talia Spartans edged Southern Sons 8-4  while Sub City Raiders beat DT Roosters 6-0.
Solien, who is also the deputy chairman for the Moresby South Rugby League, said they were complying with the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League requirements to introduce a women’s competition as an affiliated league.
“It is compulsory to run a women’s competition and we had to kick start it with six teams and created something from it,” he said.
“The performance from the talents may be poor compared to the Port Moresby Rugby League but at least we have to start from somewhere.”
He said the PNGRFL Southern Confederate trials were coming up and they needed to prepare their women well for the meet, especially against PRL.
Meanwhile, in the PRL, Bige West edged out a gallant Sports Tok Kone Tigers 8-4 to remain on third spot in the 14-team women’s competition.

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