Morobe needs an overhaul


I agree with Governor Ginson Saonu’s decision to overhaul the Morobe provincial administration.
This is a good way forward.
I assume there are many underperforming public servants who were brought into the administration by the previous government and those public servants may have contributed to the accumulation of debts amounting to K44 million over the last five years.
The decision to conduct an audit to find out where the money was spent and to whom the funds were diverted to  will help the new Pangu-led provincial government.
Morobe is the largest province in the Mamose region. It is also the region’s industrial hub.
While a debt of K44 million is a burden to the new provincial government, it should not stop it from restructuring the administration.
It should do a quality check on all the public servants, both fulltime and part-time, to ensure they have been recruited on merit.
There are many Morobean university graduates looking for work.
The new government should employ them and at the same time weed out staff members who have wasting time and space.

Yulogia Bobeng, Backroad, Lae

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