Morobe patrol post to monitor sea piracy

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THE Morobe patrol post will serve as the police surveillance command to monitor sea piracy, guns and drug trafficking along the Morobe-Northern area.
The Huon Gulf district is working with Assistant Police Commissioner (Mamose) Peter Guinness and Provincial Police Commander Augustine Wampe to monitor sea piracy in the area.
There have been reports of robbing people and hijacking vessels on the Lae-Popondetta sea route.
The police will also keep an eye on gun exchange for drugs and murder cases involving alluvial miners in Waria, Mawae and Binadere. Cases have also been reported from Ana-Pose in Yekora, Kobio and Epa-Zinamba in Suena, Paiewa, Siboma, Kui and Buso.
Wampe told The National  that sea piracy was like a war affecting people travelling along coastal waters from Wasu, Sialum, Siassi, Finschhafen, Bukawa, Salamaua, Morobe post and Northern.
“Police are mindful but unable to assist because of scarce resources. We acknowledge the people of Huon Gulf and MP Ross Seymour for contributing to the surveillance command,” Wampe said.
Wampe urged Northern Governor Garry Juffa, Sohe MP Delilah Gore and Ijivitari MP David Arore to assist Seymour in setting up the surveillance command as it would benefit everyone.

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