MP calls for mass arrest over killings, fighting


FOUR men were killed and another had his leg chopped off in two separate attacks in Tewai-Siassi district, Morobe on Friday, police say.
The injured man was airlifted to Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae.
The incident occurred a week after MP Kobby Bomario and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu launched a peace process at Sialum on Oct 19. They presented a K50,000 cheque for the peace process to the deputy chairman of the reconciliation committee Joshua Billy.
Morobe police commander Supt Augustine Wampe said that three men were killed instantly in an ongoing fight between Karako, Zangkua and Zakupet villages which flared up again on Friday.
On Siassi Island, the brother of the high school chaplain was killed a week ago and another man was attacked allegedly by drug addicts who chopped off his leg.
Wampe said that police were deployed to Sialum and Siassi Island over the weekend to attend to the incidents.
Mobile squad police currently engaged in Finschhafen attending to similar fighting and killings in interior Hube-Pindiu area were advised to send additional manpower to Sialum.
“This is an ongoing issue and I do not understand how long this bloodshed will continue; the real cause of the incident is yet to be identified but we suspected it is over cult and sorcery practices.”
“This was the similar case during former MP Mao Zeming’s tenure which police and PNG Defence Force soldiers were deployed prior to election period” Wampe said.
Meanwhile, MP Bomario is urging police to conduct a mass arrest of people involved in the killings in Sialum area.
“There is no clear underlying reason for the fighting and killing that have created fear, instability and disharmony for last 10 years now.
“There are some elements involving in hausman mentality that involves cult practices.
“Our former MP Mao Zeming has spent so much resource to restore peace and harmony engaging police and prior to elections, PNG Defence Force soldiers were deployed which I appreciated yet this issue has sparked again.
“It has become law and order issue because many human lives were lost, homes burnt and people displaced so let law agencies deal with it,” Bomario said.
The fight in the Upper Ziwe areas was brought under control when former Mao Zeming negotiated peace between the warring groups in May this year.
Speaking on behalf of community leaders, Zeming called on Bomareo to do something about the escalating law and order situation in the district.
He criticised the holding of a peace meeting at Ago village, where a K50,000 was handed out for a peace and reconciliation process.
“Ago village is the wrong place for a peace ceremony. It is far away from the fighting area. The best place to bring the warring groups together is Kanome government station,” Zeming said.
“And before a peace ceremony occurs, policemen need to be sent into the area to stop the fights. That’s what I did in May. I brought police and PNG Defence Force personnel into the villages up there to stop the fight, and held the peace ceremony right there,” he said.
Zeming said the peace meeting at Ago village would solve nothing, and the K50,000 paid out was a waste of public funds.
“Community leaders have called on me expressing concern that there is no presence of police in Sialum, and the fights are continuing.
“Bomareo must stop his media rhetoric and start laying out a practical plan to bring the situation under control. He must act to prevent more deaths and destruction in the district,” Zeming said.

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