MP ready to deliver


EASTERN Highlands Governor Peter Numu says the Eastern Highlands administration will be guided by a five-year corporate plan titled Vision 2022.
The plan will be launched in December.
“The plan will be our roadmap. The implementation will be monitored by a monitoring and evaluation team for every sector,” he said.
“I will spend 60 per cent of my five-year term out in the rural areas where the development projects are taking place, and 40 per cent in the office and attending to meetings and formal duties.”
He told public servants and those in possession of assets of the province to return them within a month.
Numu said he wanted to work with public servants who were determined to serve the people with honesty.
A team will investigate the expenditures of the provincial government to see that all funds had been properly spent.
Numu said the province would generate its own revenue to supplement what the government allocated in the budget every year.
He said the people of the nine districts of Eastern Highlands had elected him expecting him to provide them services.
Public servants, members of the provincial assembly, provincial executive council members and members of the public witnessed his formal takeover of the office.

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