MRA board aims to improve work ethics


THE Mineral Resources Authority is committed to enhancing good governance within its board structure, chairman Musje Werror, says.
He said this yesterday during the last day of a three-day directors’ workshop on good governance, finance, strategies and risks management.
“Our board of directors are committed to enhancing the concept of good governance within the Mineral Resources Authoritystructure through the board and its management,” Werror said.
He said the board was serious about instilling the principles of good governance and effective leadership in the Mineral Resources Authority management team.
“The aim is to reflect the takeaways from this workshop in the Mineral Resources Authority’s 2017-2021 corporate plan,” he said.
The MRA recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.
“Ten years is a long period of time in business and the way business is done has changed dramatically over the years as new challenges continue to arise,” he said.
Workshop facilitator David Evans from the Australian Institute of company directors, said the workshop was important to the directors as it was an opportunity for them to enhance the level of good governance in the Mineral Resources Authority.
“There were always opportunities to better the standards where necessary and that is the value that this workshop brings,” Evans said.
“The Mineral Resources Authority is a strategic institution for the state that facilitates economic development and therefore it must be aware of its risks.
“This workshop was therefore timely for the directors and the Mineral Resources Authority.”

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