Muthuvel reclaims public land titles


West New Britain Governor Sasindrah Muthuvel must have been the happiest MP yesterday when he received titles to a number of portions of land in his province.
Muthuvel commended the Department of Lands and Physical Planning, led by Minister Justin Tkatchenko, for the initiative to reclaim all public and recreational land in towns and cities.
“It is the right direction we are taking because all public institutions should own the land, we should not be renting.
“Since you have taken over, you have sent out a clear message to all the provincial governments and public institutions that any land meant for public purposes, will be given first priority,” Muthuvel told the minister.
“We are very thankful because it is the right direction we are taking.  All public institutions should own the land; they should not be renting from someone else.
“For the next five years every province stands to benefit from your portfolio to get the ownership of public land.”
Tkatchenko said in West New Britain there were big parcels of land, especially for the PNG Games.
He said Muthuvel had spent over K13milion of provincial government money to build internationally accredited infrastructure.
Tkatchenko presented the state lease to the provincial government for the sporting stadium and all its surrounding ground and areas so it was secure for the future of sports in West New Britain.
He also presented state lease for the cultural centre and the open university centre, jetty and fish processing facility.
“Minister, I appeal to you continue to help us all the provincial governors to allocate land for institutional purposes so that intuitional agencies don’t have to rent buildings from private parties,” Muthuvel said.

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