Namah urges opposition MPs to stay united, committed


VANIMO-GREEN MP and PNG Party leader Belden Namah has urged the 46 MPs now in opposition to stay united and committed to the Opposition bench so that they could overthrow the new government.
In a media conference yesterday after the first sitting of the 10th Parliament, Namah told his 46 colleague MPs remain loyal and committed to the Opposition so they could work together to topple the Government after the first 18 months.
“This is a very good number and we can topple the Government,” he said.
“Major legislations need about 73 to 83 votes and therefore the current Government cannot master it without our numbers.
“I just want to appeal to all of you that you have already made a decision to be with this team so let us all stay united,” Namah told the other Opposition MPs.
He said the current Opposition team has a very good chance to form a new government without Prime Minister Peter O’Neill unlike in the last five years.
“I personally believe the O’Neill Government will not last and I don’t think he will last for more than 18 months,” he said.

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