National Court judge’s first visit to Goilala

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GOILALA MP William Samb has welcomed the visit by Justice Panuel Mogish to the district, saying it was the first time in 41 years a judge has visited the remote district.
He said the visit assured the people of Goilala that the judiciary recognised them.
“On behalf of the people of Goilala, we are so privileged that a National Court judge, can bring a team here,” Samb said.
“The visit of the judge gives an opportunity to the people to raise some of their issues in terms of law and order in the district,” he said.
Mogish visited the Tapini Local Level Government as part of his Central court circuit routine.
He described Tapini as a beautiful place because of its geographical setting and the kindness of the people.
He said the negative perception about the Goilala people is not completely true because many of them were kind and loving people.
He thanked Samb for subsidising the accommodation cost for the team during their stay in Tapini last weekend.
“I will work with the people of Goilala to bring law and order into the district because they have a committed leader,” Mogish said.

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