The National staff donate blood to Pom Gen


THE Port Moresby General Hospital blood bank team were at The National office on World Blood Donor Day yesterday to collect blood from company staff.
The National staff John Kalpi said he was a regular donor since 1999 and he enjoyed the health benefits of it.
“We give blood, we have new blood rotating and we are helping others, so others will benefit from us. Our blood can benefit them. After giving blood I feel fresh, I don’t feel sick, I’m always a healthy man,” Kalpi said.
“I started donating blood since I started work at The National in 1999, now I’m almost 20 years with the firm. I’m a regular donor and I enjoy the health benefits.
PMGH blood bank nurse Rose Naliwi said they collected nine bags (one bag carries 450mL) from the staff at The National.
She said they tested 18 staff but only nine were eligible to donate blood.
“It’s the awareness that we do that brings people to donate, knowing the benefits for them and most of the regular donors know so they come back after three months,” Naliwi said.
“When you remove the old blood the system automatically generates new blood.
“We advise them on how to have a healthy iron diet which help them to build up their red cells again, like eating greens, vegetables, protein like lean meat and fish, chicken, fruits and nuts and plenty of water.
“We also encourage them to exercise as it keeps them fit and their allows their body to be healthy and strong to generate blood.”
Naliwi said the hospital needed its blood bank supplied to meet emergencies that arose in the surgical and emergency theatres.
“We are now in the election period and from past years’ experience, accidents are prone at this time,” she said.

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