Where is NCD’s election manager?


THIS is an open letter to the election manager for the National Capital District, Terence Hetinu.
Where are you? You seem to be so busy, sending a simple email response is like climbing Mt Wilhelm.
Since December 2016, my wife and I have been constantly checking the electoral commission to have our names updated on the common roll.
And finally after four months of checking in vain, we finally got a response from the election manager.
He gave us forms to fill out, so our names can be changed from our previous electorate to currently where we reside.
Since April, it has been another painstaking wait and follow up.
The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission’s website is next to useless.
The roll is not even updated.
Further emails and calls to the election manager falls on deaf ears.
We simply want to confirm if our details have been updated on the common roll.
We are taxpayers, keeping you employed, have the decency and courtesy to respond to emails and calls, or if you cannot help us with our queries, direct us to the right person or office.
It is also our constitutional right to vote.
Please ensure our names are updated.
If we do not vote due to details not updated, we will seek legal advice.

Frustrated Eligible Voters
Port Moresby

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