New Koki transit lodge to ease travel woes for locals


MPs for Rigo and Abau must be thanked for initiating a transit lodge to be built at Koki market for use by their people.
The transit lodge would certainly ease their accommodation needs while spending time in the city selling their market goods and
it couldn’t have come quick enough.
These are the kind of services that are needed by rural people who struggle to make a living.
Hopefully, the people of Rigo and Abau won’t read too much into the timing of its announcement and ground-breaking and undermine the two MPs’ act of compassion.
And while both of them are in the spending spree mood, it would be timely also to do something for their other sellers at Manu market who struggle daily to find space to sell their market produce.
Incidentally, one of the two MPs has been driving past this market every day since the supermarket burnt down in 2015.
To add to their continuing hardships, NCDC and Central government continue to tussle over the opening of the new Boroko market and its exclusive use by the Central people as originally planned and announced by NCDC.


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