NFA addresses illegal fishing


THE National Fisheries Authority is making every effort to address illegal fishing in the country, says managing director John Kasu.
Kasu said surveillance issues impacted national security and it was not for the NFA alone to address.
“We have to approach the surveillance issue in a whole-of-government approach which means we have to work with the Defence Force and other agencies responsible of addressing this issue,” Kasu said.
He said surveillance was a challenge also face by other Pacific island nations.
Kasu said the recent NFA consultation meeting in Port Moresby was for them and their partners both domestic and regional to find ways in addressing that.
He said if there was strong protection at the sea borders, illegal fishing would not happen in PNG waters.
NFA has set up a command unit in Port Moresby to monitor all fishing vessels and merchant ships using PNG waters.
Fishing Industry Association president Sylvester Pokajam said because there was a lack of surveillance vessels such boats and aeroplanes.
“NFA board has approved the purchase of a 30-metre boat to provide surveillance but that is not enough,” he said.

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